Keynote Speaker

Taylor Hughes

Comedian/Magic Storyteller | @imtaylorhughes

Taylor Hughes is a full time entertainer with over 20 years of performance experience. He is one of the only people to have performed in all three showrooms at the World Famous Magic Castle before the age of 21. He is a featured act on the television series “Masters of Illusion” and was recently presented the awards for “Best Illusion” “Best Comedy Magic” & “Best Showmanship” by the Society of American Magician’s in Los Angeles.

Technical Expert Speakers

Chris Twiest

Technology Officer | RawWorks | @TwiestChris

Citrix CTA

Chris Twiest works as a technology officer at RawWorks in the Netherlands, focusing on the standardization and automation of IT services. He has more than 10 years of experience in managing, creating and automating workspace environments with a strong focus on virtualization products. He belongs to several technology expert groups, including Citrix Technology Advocates, VMware vExpert community and Login VSI Technology Advocates. He is a speaker at community events, such as Citrix user groups and E2EVC.

Mike Streetz

Consultant | Oxford Global Resources | @O_P

Citrix CTA

Mike Streetz is a Citrix Consultant who works with everyone from small businesses to large enterprises to help their users get work done via Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. He has been working in the Citrix space for over 10 years. Mike has worked with clients to optimize user experience by using tools such as FSLogix alongside Citrix ADC with Global Server Load Balancing to point users to the fastest site to serve their needs. Mike is a Citrix Technology Advocate, CUGC Leader of the Los Angeles chapter, Citrix Certified Professional in Citrix Cloud, Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix ADC and holds the Azure Administrator Associate certification.

Scott Lane

Distinguished Engineer | Citrix Inc. | @TheCitrixLane

Scott E. Lane is a Distiguished Sales Engineer for Citrix Systems, Inc. Scott has been with Citrix for more than 15 years and is one of the company's most respected and senior pre-sales technical resources. Over his career with Citrix Scott has guided some of the world's largest companies in their adoption of Citrix and virtualization technologies. You may have seen Scott on video. He regularly showcases Citrix technologies for executive engagements, live and virtual events, and on the Citrix website. Prior to joining Citrix Scott introduced and launched Citrix technologies for a banking corporation in Wisconsin and in a healthcare organization. All together, Scott has more than 20 years evangelizing, using, and integrating Citrix technologies. He regularly contributes feedback and offers feature guidance for roadmaps on Citrix virtualization and networking products.​