What is an XL event?

A bigger CUGC meeting! The Austin, Houston, Dallas, Omaha, Oklahoma, Kansas City, St. Louis and Central Iowa and Fargo local groups are coming together to offer a half-day event packed with technical content, expert speakers and networking. 

How much does it cost to attend?
All CUGC events are completely FREE for you!

Can I pick which sessions to attend?
Yes! You can choose any session you would like to attend in each session time block. 

Do I need a webcam to attend this event?
Although you do not need a webcam to attend virtual events, you’re encouraged to use your webcam during the breakout sessions and happy hour to allow for a community experience with other attendees.

How do I log into virtual event day-of?
Your login credentials will be emailed to you prior to the event. 

Which web browser is recommended for the XL event?
The XL platform supports IE, Edge, Chrome, FireFox and Safari.

For more information: ON24 Event Help Guide