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Citrix Converge is Coming!

In 2019, Citrix held the first-of-its-kind conference in Santa Clara for developers, which I wrote about last year here on CUGC . I was thrilled to participate and was looking forward to seeing when such an event would return. Clearly, 2020 has had different plans in store for all of us. At the...

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Securing Exchange SMTP Relay Hosts with Citrix ADC

Introduction I recently completed a project with a client to build out a brand new, on-premises Exchange 2016 environment that required load balancing with Citrix ADC. As with most enterprise Exchange deployments, a reverse proxy and load balancing solution should be implemented for redundancy...

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Synergy 2019 – A Guide from an Alumni

​It's that time of year again to get ready for the last minute logistics preparation for Citrix Synergy , the Citrix annual conference hosted this year in Atlanta, Georgia from May 19–23. Hopefully, most of you have chosen your breakout sessions by now and have formulated a game plan of what,...

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The Citrix Cloud Connector and the Network

Let's talk Citrix Cloud. More specifically, the Citrix Cloud Connector and its relationship with your network. So, what is the Cloud Connector? tells us: "Citrix Cloud Connector: Provides communication between the resources in the resource location and the Citrix Cloud." ...