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SwissCUGC Meetup @ Synergy

Citrix User Group Community was kicked off officially at Citrix Synergy in 2015 in Orlando, and this was also the first Citrix Synergy I attended. For me personally, it was a blast! This conference changed so much in my life for my Citrix Community contributions. There are two reasons for this....

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Synergy 2019 Day One

Synergy 2019 – Day One So, the first day is in the books, and despite the venue and catering (don’t get me started) it has been excellent. The keynote kicked off with some great announcements. Satya Nadeja made a guest appearance. Citrix showed off their Workspace app, and once again...

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"What’s In Your Gear Bag?" - Citrix Synergy 2019 Edition

"What’s In Your Gear Bag?" - Citrix Synergy 2019 Edition With Citrix Synergy 2019 just a few days away, I’m sure many of you are starting the process of getting packed and ready to go. As any tech conference veteran knows, one of the most important pieces of attending is making sure you have...

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A Women in Tech Mentorship Program Update

The CUGC Women in Technology mentorship program has traditionally chosen Citrix Synergy these last couple of years as our big finale for our mentorship class. This year will be no exception, as we are closing down another successful mentorship class in Atlanta with a face-to-face meeting with...

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The Synergy that Almost Didn't Happen

I have been very fortunate to have attended the past six Synergy conferences in a row, so when I asked my management about this year’s conference, I impatiently waited on an answer. Planning was already taking place amongst my friends and colleagues as well as volunteering opportunities within...

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What is Match.Geek?!

At events like Citrix Synergy , so many opportunities and events are available that quite frankly, it gets overwhelming, even for alumni attendees like myself. At my first couple of Synergy events, I was almost solely focused on regular sessions, not leaving much time for other types of...

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Synergy 2019 – A Guide from an Alumni

​It's that time of year again to get ready for the last minute logistics preparation for Citrix Synergy , the Citrix annual conference hosted this year in Atlanta, Georgia from May 19–23. Hopefully, most of you have chosen your breakout sessions by now and have formulated a game plan of what,...

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Synergy 2019–My First!

This year, I will be attending Citrix Synergy for the first time. And, if that wasn't enough to make this experience extra special, I will be hosting a Synergy session as well. Together with my colleague Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk, I will be presenting ICT-R related content in a session called ...

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An Introvert's Guide to Citrix Synergy

An Introvert's Guide to Citrix Synergy Welcome to May, it’s officially Citrix Synergy month! So your organization is sending you to Citrix Synergy, but you’re already dreading being in a large space with an exponential number of unfamiliar faces. You're having visions of paralyzing social...

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Then and Now: Why I am Attending Citrix Synergy 2019 and Why You Should Too

I attended my first Citrix event in 1999, when it was still called iForum (couldn’t find that badge, so had to go with the 2000 badge, above right) and was always held in Orlando at the Swan and Dolphin resorts. Both Citrix and I have changed a bit since then. I have changed companies and Citrix...