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Citrix Cloud, Citrix Workspace Experience and Federated Authentication Service with Azure AD

Citrix Cloud, Citrix Workspace Experience and Federated Authentication Service with Azure AD This is a feature that I have been waiting to test and play with for a while now, and it has arrived in private tech preview. It allows users of the Citrix Workspace Experience, using Federated...

User Share: Bye SmartScale, Hello PowerScale!

Bye SmartScale, Hello PowerScale! Thursday, August 8 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET WHAT : If you are running a hybrid scenario with session servers in a cloud environment but not using the Citrix Cloud Service–this webinar is for you. Citrix discontinued SmartScale just this March, replacing it with...

 08-08-2019 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET

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Swimming to Success with Citrix Cloud

Swimming to Success with Citrix Cloud Introduction As a child and young man, I was involved in swimming. Many an hour was spent within the swim lane, every week, early morning and evening. This culminated in some races/galas that I took part in and sometimes I was able to bring home a medal...

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Synergy 2019 – A Guide from an Alumni

​It's that time of year again to get ready for the last minute logistics preparation for Citrix Synergy , the Citrix annual conference hosted this year in Atlanta, Georgia from May 19–23. Hopefully, most of you have chosen your breakout sessions by now and have formulated a game plan of what,...

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Citrix Cloud: Minor Enhancements, Great Experience!

Introduction: Unified Endpoint Management, Modern Device Management, User Environment Management, Digital Workspace, Workspace Cloud, Workspace App and End User Computing all have one thing in common: it's all about the end-user experience…! Aside from the general perception of cloud...

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The Future of Work is Today NOT Tomorrow Part 2: What's In It?

Hi folks, this is the second post in my blog series on “ The Future of Work is Today NOT tomorrow. ” My first post is available at: . My first post had a significant impact (a lot more...

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The Citrix Cloud Connector and the Network

Let's talk Citrix Cloud. More specifically, the Citrix Cloud Connector and its relationship with your network. So, what is the Cloud Connector? tells us: "Citrix Cloud Connector: Provides communication between the resources in the resource location and the Citrix Cloud." In...

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Questions From our Citrix Cloud AMA

I’m seeing a lot of questions around Citrix Cloud these days. What is it? How can we use it? What is supported? How to design a solution with it? There are always a lot of questions around the technology. So, a couple of weeks ago, we hosted the first (of many) AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Citrix...

User Share: Ask Me Anything–Citrix Cloud

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST What : Regardless of where you are in your transition to cloud (early adopter, hybrid environment, or still plotting your course), you no doubt have plenty of questions. Join us for an hour of free-form Q&A with our panel of four...

 01-30-2019 | 13:00 - 14:00 ET