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Steering Committee Member and Officer Changes for 2020

Hello Fellow CUGC Members, A new year brings new beginnings. We'd like to announce a few changes to the members and officers for your Steering Committee . The Steering Committee is comprised of eight customer volunteers, two Citrix representatives, and the Managing Director of CUGC....

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CUGC Named A Top EUC Event

CUGC Named A Top EUC Event! We have more good news to share–only a few weeks after our own community survey delivered us important and very positive feedback. ( See Tobias Kreidl’s great summary here .) Now we’ve learned of a second survey of IT professionals with additional good news for...

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Meet Your New Steering Committee Officers

The CUGC Steering Committee guides our activities and provides the essential perspective and insight of Citrix customers and community leaders. Guiding the Steering Committee is a President and a Vice President, each of whom are chosen by members of the committee. It's with great pleasure that...