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Citrix Workspace Environment Manager (WEM) and SQL Availability Groups - Database Master Key Issue

I have been meaning to get this out there for a few months now, but since most of my time during the week is spent onsite all over with customers and on pre-sales meetings, I tend to not be home much to get it done. Weekends for me are 100% all about my one and four-year-old princesses and our...

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Workspace Environment Manager – Capture Screen

Workspace Environment Manager has a cool little feature for end users to use called ‘Capture Screen,’ it can be accessed by right clicking on the WEM Agent in the System Tray. This utility captures the user's screen and lets them either Save the image or send it straight to a pre...

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How-To: Update Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) from 4.x to 4.7 (v4.07.00.00)

On July 18th 2018, Citrix released version 4.7 of Workspace Environment Management (WEM). This is an update guide. Customer Success Services / Software Maintenance eligibility date: May 18, 2018 Download Citrix WEM 4.7 (v4.07.00.00) here:

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WEM 4.6 - Agent (Agent Name) is not Bound to any Configuration Sets

Workspace Environment Management is one of the most exciting products recently acquired by Citrix. I’ve been testing and using the product since day one. I recently upgraded to Workspace Environment Management 4.6 and started seeing a lot of the following Event Log errors on my WEM...

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WEM Advanced Guidance - Part 3 - The Leftovers: Good, Bad, Ugly.

In our last two posts, we discussed topics ranging from architectural guidance and considerations, through to how users interact with WEM in their environments and how to try and keep that experience smooth. Initially, we had aimed for part 3 of this series to be about why you should implement...

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WEM Agent v4.5 Upgrade Issues

WEM Agent Upgrade from v4.3 to v4.5 – Issues WEM Infra, DB and console upgrade went fine without any issues. I ran into few issues when upgrading WEM agents, I have documented them. Agent Synchronization Issue: From WEM 4.5, LocalProcessOptimization history is consolidated into local...

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WEM Advanced Guidance–Part 2: User Interaction

The first part of this series looked at the some architectural and thought processes around Workspace Environment Deployment into your environments. We focused primarily on the infrastructure and configuration options from an administrative perspective. In this second part, we are going to...

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WEM Advanced Guidance - Part 1

Citrix WEM is starting to get some serious traction, and so it should, as it is a fantastic offering available to most customers at no cost. I have spent some time with the WEM Jedi himself, Hal Lange, and together we have started a blog series based on our experiences with WEM to date. This is...

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Citrix WEM: “Manage Printer” Application

We are currently using an in-house written app that allows users to add/remove/set as printer their network printers. Our users like this custom tool because its so simple to navigate around, but going into our new XenApp 7.15 environment on Windows Server 2016 OS, this tool doesn’t work. In...