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Quickly Updating Persistent MCS VDAs

I have to maintain the VDA software on roughly 100 persistent MCS desktops. Every time Citrix came out with a new version of Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApp/XenDesktop), I would cringe at the thought of having to "touch" every one of them. It usually took me two or more weeks to get through...

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My First Time: Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS)

Introduction So today is my very first time: After years of MCS virginity, I decided it’s finally time to ditch the little farms and try out good ole’ Citrix Machine Creation Services. Over the last ten years, I almost exclusively installed small deployments. The bigger ones have about 150...

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Seven Dot Sixteen!

Citrix has just released its new bits for XenApp and XenDesktop. There is already a lot of information available on the Citrix official website so I’d like to focus on the key features of this new version. First thing to note: it’s a CR (Current release) so it will be EOM (End Of Maintenance)...

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Citrix Local Host Cache - 2017 Performance Evaluation

Citrix introduced a feature with XenApp/XenDesktop 7.7 called “Local Host Cache” (LHC). When this feature was released, there were some limitations, but as time wore on and Citrix began to understand the technology, limitations were removed or reduced. There are still some limitations on the...