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Automating Citrix Cloud & Windows Virtual Desktop

Automating Citrix Cloud & Windows Virtual Desktop by Chris Jeucken and Chris Twiest (See the script in action! Watch the webinar recording for a demo and discussion around the script.) Introduction The year 2019 has been all about Windows Virtual Desktop. If you are...

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Have PowerShell Keep Your Confidential Information … Confidential!

Have PowerShell Keep Your Confidential Information…Confidential! As an IT professional, you have no doubt needed to run processes with elevated privileges. PowerShell makes it quite easy with the Get-Credential cmdlet: $creds = Get-Credential This pops up a window for you to securely...

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Binding your SSL Server Certificate to the Citrix Broker Service

Citrix has a guide on how to create/bind your SSL Server Certificate to the Citrix Broker Service in order to secure your communication between Storefront and your Delivery Controllers. Setting it up for VirtualApps and VitualDesktops 7.x for the first time can be done by following CTX130213...

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Monitoring Citrix Cloud with OData and PowerShell

Since the introduction of Xenapp and Xendesktop 7, Citrix ships these products with the monitoring tool Director for all editions of its products. Director enables Citrix admins to proactively monitor their XenApp and XenDesktop environment in on-premises environments without the need for...

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Citrix PVS and PowerShell

Hi all, Today's post is about Citrix PVS (PVS) and PowerShell. This combination has been a pretty awful experience for a long time, but now things are looking up. Since PVS version 7.1x, where Citrix released a PowerShell module instead of MCLI commands, we have been able to use some real...

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Citrix StoreFront Multi-Site Aggregation with PowerShell

Learn how to configure Citrix StoreFront multi-site aggregation with PowerShell. This is a must for complex enterprise environments, since the StoreFront console cannot be used for advanced configurations. The Citrix StoreFront version used in this article is 3.13 (released in Q4 2017),...