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Adding Nutanix Plugins for CVAD

We recently purchased a 28-Node Nutanix setup. We currently have a good chunk of Citrix VAD in VMware. During the design, I was a bit confused about what plugin went where. After looking back, it’s now very straightforward. With that in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity and put this little...

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Configure iPXE for a Nutanix Environment – Part 1

Configure iPXE for a Nutanix Environment – Part 1 Nutanix uses the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) based on KVM, the open source Hypervisor. iPXE is open source boot firmware, checkout also used on AHV. I found many links on the web, and these are helpful to start, but I need...

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Nutanix VDI PoC with a User Follow Workspace

During my last PoC with Nutanix, I investigated the amount of time it takes to build an Environment for the Developer Team. This post is about the DevOps portion, getting in touch at the customer level, the first time. The Developers build their own customer applications used around the globe,...