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Bay Area CUGC Event Recap – 2019 Q4

Bay Area CUGC Event Recap - 2019 Q4 What is better to start the New Year for 2020 than a recap of a 2019 CUGC event? Well, in actuality, this article sadly sat in my draft folder due to hectic nature of end of year priorities and some holiday R&R. I am going to stick with the “better late...

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Bay Area CUGC Meetup October 2018

On October 17, 2018, the second Bay Area CUGC meetup took place at SINO of Santa Row, located in a trendy hotspot of Silicon Valley. Based presumably on the feedback from the first meetup, the CUGC leaders decided to have it at a quieter venue. Even though it was at an open patio area, there was...

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CUGC's 400th Meeting!

Houston CUGC was proud to host the 400th CUGC meeting on September 13, 2018 at Karbach Brewery. Houston CUGC leaders Jason Samuel, Brian Dunlavy and Randy Alderman were present to welcome everyone and cover local CUGC information before lunch was served. Leader Sean Roland arrived...

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Recap: 1st Bay Area CUGC Meetup

First-Ever Bay Area CUGC It might come as a surprise to many in the San Francisco Bay Area that this was the first-ever Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) meetup, especially considering we are located in one of the largest concentrations of technology-based firms around the world. But, there...

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CUGC's 300th Meeting!

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, the Madison CUGC hosted the 300th CUGC meeting. Since CUGC's launch at Synergy 2015, our amazing community of sponsors, leaders, speakers & members have created a growing community with tons of great learning & sharing. We met at the Great Dane...

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Time to Celebrate! CUGC Holds its 200th Meeting!

The St. Louis CUGC was thrilled to be the lucky host of CUGC's 200th meeting–definitely cause for a celebration! On June 29th, we gathered at the St. Louis Moto Museum, which houses a collection of rare, vintage motorcycles from European manufacturers dating as far back as 1900...