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Configure NetScaler WAF for Azure Web App

Introduction: Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Citrix NetScaler on Microsoft Azure gives me a reality check–proving to be a worthy adversary and a true nemesis. Having spent so much time on the HA part of NS on Azure , now is the time to dive into real-world scenarios...

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Creating a NetScaler in Azure Resource Location for your Citrix Cloud

Background Information The old limitations of using a single IP on an interface for a NetScaler Gateway solution in Azure are no more. You may have heard that now the NetScaler is able to have one interface with multiple IP addresses, one interface with one IP address, Multiple interfaces...

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How to Configure Enlightened Data Transport UDP Protocol (EDT) When Using Citrix Cloud–XenApp & XenDesktop Service with VDA and NetScaler Placed in Microsoft Azure Cloud

Citrix did some great innovations on their product line throughout last two years. One of them was the release of the Enlightened Data Transport Protocol. I always thought to write an article on this specific topic, but it actually never came to writing, and that’s gonna change today... ...

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A Breakdown on Citrix Cloud Digital Workspaces in Microsoft Azure

There’s no denying that I’ve been very busy sharing my knowledge on Citrix Cloud workspaces over the past three months. So for that reason, I thought I'd dedicate a final review article on this specific topic. Although Citrix keeps innovating on their Cloud platform, here's what makes this blog...

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Azure IoT and Citrix NetScaler

Earlier I wrote an article on Citrix Blogs on how a NetScaler can help scale and secure an IoT data stream . For organisations who host their IoT service, this is key for their success. After all, you don’t want your solution to get compromised! But what if you want to use Azure IoT ...

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Results of the Latest Networking SIG User Share Webinar on Citrix Cloud Workspaces in Azure

This blog article on the Networking SIG section holds a list of questions and the poll results that are asked during our latest CUGC User Share webinar of Thursday (December 07, 2017). The subject of the webinar was "Building Citrix Cloud Workspaces in Microsoft Azure." And because it’s a very...

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Q&A from Networking SIG webinars

This blog post is a summary of the questions that we got during the two webinars that the Networking SIG has been hosting the last couple of weeks. For those that didn’t see their questions answered hopefully you get the answers you were looking here. Can the deployment/configuration of...