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Blogs, forums, files, webinars and more. It's great content that makes the go-to place for Citrix professionals around the world. Here are our most prolific contributors and your CUGCY content winners for 2017:


Top SIG: Networking

Leaders: David Brett, Christiaan Brinkhoff, Carsten Bruns, Jason Samuel, and Marius Sandbu

Our Networking SIG continues to be the most active on the site, with some of our most popular User Share webinars and a busy forum. Kudos to the leaders for consistently providing fresh technical content that engages SIG members and encourages growth.

Top Forum Poster: Christopher Schrameyer

Where do you go to ask your peers questions, gather opinions and learn the latest information on what's happening in your local group? The forums of course! Christopher Schrameyer could be found throughout our forums, racking up 74 posts over 2017.

Top Blogger: Timothy Mangan

The CUGC blogs were busy in 2017, with a lot of new voices in both Community Roundtable and Expert Insights. Timothy Mangan led the way with the most overall posts, including his series "From Field Book on Citrix/AppV Integration," which explored different scenarios involving AppV implementations in Citrix environments. 

Top User Share Webinar: Build a XenApp Real-time Session Monitoring Dashboard presented by Sam Jacobs

2017 also brought a record number of outstanding User Share webinars filled with great content. Among all of these stellar webinars, Build a XenApp Real-time Session Monitoring Dashboard from Sam Jacobs stood out through high attendance, online replays and direct feedback.

Top Webinar Moderator: Tobias KreidlMike Nelson 

Our webinar moderators play a key role during our Connect webinars, keeping a sharp eye on questions coming in from the attendees and helping to keep the Q&A discussion on-topic and on-track. Last year, several people stepped up and moderated more than once, but Mike Nelson and Tobias Kreidl tied for the top with four each. Congrats, guys!