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These groups ranked the highest in number of meetings and attendance, as well as great member feedback on content and overall experience. Meet the top local groups of 2016:



Leaders: Todd Larson, Ryan Winn

Great things happen when you combine strong leadership with fun meetings and energizing content! Throw in a regular cadence of meetings and it's easy to see why the Boise group has no trouble swelling its ranks.


Connecticut & Rhode Island

Leaders: Paul Stansel, Dawn Jameson, John Bythrow, Tom Calo, Mike Yannotti

Good leadership shows in the strength of the group, and the Connecticut & Rhode Island team drives this point home. They're always on top of things, from advance planning to snagging fun meeting locations.


Dallas-Fort Worth

Leaders: Adam Gamble, Calvin Nghe, Daryl Doty

Dallas-Fort Worth counts itself among the first CUGC local groups and has been running strong from the start. Their key to success? A winning combination of entertainment with compelling content–two of their 2016 meetings ended with movie premieres and another ended with everyone getting shot up by lasers. Now that's a hot ticket!



Leaders: Sean Roland, Jason Samuel, Randy Alderman, Brian Dunleavy, Richard Maresca

Their secret: They serve cookies! Oh, and they also have a super organized leadership team that puts in the advance legwork to ensure successful, well-attended meetings every time. (But the cookies are definitely a bonus!)



Leaders: Scott Osborne, Ryan Revord, Steve Elgan, Ben Tusa, Jason Tedrick

When it comes to membership size and regular attendance, the Omaha group knocks it out of the park. Even though the group is thriving, it's not an excuse to sit on any laurels. This leadership team goes above and beyond to find the content that keeps members coming back (and bringing their friends!).



Leaders: Sacha Thomet, Stefan Beckmann, Roberto Pereria

One of the first to start up in Europe, the Swiss group hit the ground running and hasn't stopped since. It's hard to resist an enthusiastic leadership team (and a few great prizes!), evidenced by this group's steady growth.


Twin Cities

Leaders: John Wilson, Jeff Jung

Beer and food trucks...need we say more? But beyond those basic necessities (beer is a necessity, right?), the Twin Cities group wouldn't grow so consistently if the content wasn't there. This leadership team has a knack for finding what works and making it stick.


United Kingdom

Leaders: Neil Spellings, Andrew Wood, Jim Moyle

Since this group pre-existed CUGC as we know it, they've had time to prove they've got plenty of game. With day-long meetings (available by broadcast for members in the farther reaches of the country), the UK group regularly pulls in attendance north of 100. Solid proof that CUGC is going strong across the pond.