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Blogs, forums, files, webinars and more, content makes myCUGC.org the go-to place for Citrix professionals around the world. The following were our most prolific contributors in 2016:


Top SIG: Networking

Leaders: David Brett, Marius Sandbu and Jason Samuel

There’s no doubt that our SIGs all contribute to the greater whole of CUGC through their specialized content. However, from blog posts to forum activity to webinars, the Networking SIG generated the most activity, and experienced the greatest growth this year. Special credit goes to Marius Sandbu for posting an impressive 10 articles in the Networking SIG blog.

Top Forum Poster: Bas van Kaam

We combed through all of the forums to see who generated the most responses and new threads overall during the past 12 months, and one busy member’s name just kept coming up - Bas van Kaam. With 72 posts in our forums, Bas has been an invaluable resource for CUGC members around the world.

Top Blogger: Sam Jacobs

While many voices contribute to our blogs (and we’re very thankful for that!), one member outshines all the rest for frequency of posts: Sam Jacobs. Sam contributed regularly to our CTP Insights blog, on a variety of in-depth technical topics. 

Top User Share Webinar: Welcome to Citrix Workspace Environment Management presented by Steve Greenberg and Hal Lange

We have to admit that all of our User Share webinars are pretty great, which makes this category a tough one. In the end, we let you be the judge and selected the webinar with the highest survey rating. Welcome to Citrix Workspace Environment Management from Steve Greenberg and Hal Lange racked up a perfect NPS score of 100, and generated a lot of discussion in the forums as well.

Top Webinar Moderator: Theresa Miller

Our webinar moderators are an important component in our CUGC Connect webinars, helping keep sponsored presentations technical and on-point by knowing which questions to ask and facilitating lively technical discussions. While several of our moderators volunteered to lead more than one webinar in 2016, Theresa Miller racked up the most with 5 webinars.