CUGC User Share: NetScaler Meets Azure and Office 365–A Surprise Story

Calendar: Webinars
Type: Public
Title: CUGC User Share: NetScaler Meets Azure and Office 365–A Surprise Story
Group: Organization Members
Owner: CUGC Official [CUGC]
Start: Aug 17, 2017 01:30 PM America/Eastern
End: Aug 17, 2017 03:00 PM America/Eastern
Description: Who: Thorsten Rood, CTP

What: In the past, each time I've mentioned that NetScaler can provide an Office 365 experience without a need for ADFS, I mostly saw eyes wide open. Based on that impression, this session is about the overall dream team Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Citrix NetScaler exclusively.

Join this webinar to understand the intersections between these technology tiers and how NetScaler connects existing environments to the cloud; how it protects your data in a world becoming more complex; and how it simplifies the user experience. We’ll bust several popular myths and will also explain where “going into cloud” by itself is not sufficient for being well prepared for ongoing and future demands. See how an ADC still today closes functionality and security gaps in either hybrid or cloud-only deployments (this for sure will all work without ADFS again, grin) and how this all also fits into the new Citrix Cloud Services offering.

Presentation will include live Q&A.
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