CUGC User Share: EUC State of the Union – 2022 Edition

EUC State of the Union – 2022 Edition

Held on Wednesday, March 2

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Abstract: Is 2022 the year of the Linux VDI? Probably not, but a lot has happened during the last year and we'll take a summary of the biggest news and announcements within the End-User Community and take a closer look into what this year will bring. 


  • 2021 – The year that the Cloud went down (many times). How do we handle monitoring?
  • The year of Azure VDI! - What is Windows 365 and the difference with Azure Virtual Desktop?
  • Updates to Azure Virtual Desktop (Protocol, Teams and Scaling)
  • What is happening with App-V and where are we with MSIX? (And looking at Numescent)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Updates (and HDX into hyperdrive with 120 FPS!)
  • Ohhh Shiny! - Citrix PVS on Azure
  • Citrix and integration with Microsoft Teams - One Workspace to rule them all
  • Remote Access without VPN or Virtual Desktops? Magic Tunnels!
  • And other updates from Citrix/Microsoft/VMware

Discussion will include live Q&A.


Marius Sandbu CTPMarius Sandbu

Marius Sandbu is Cloud Evangelist at Sopra Steria. He is a previous Citrix CTP awardee, Azure MVP, vExpert NSX, VMWare EUC Champion and a member of the Norway CUGC, among other accomplishments. He is based out of Brumenddal, Hedmark, Norway.

Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all attendees.

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