Suddenly I'm Working From Home, Now What? A Helpful Town Hall Discussion.

Suddenly, I'm Working From Home–Now What?
A Helpful Town Hall Discussion.

Wednesday, April 1

Recent events all over the world have forced more people than ever to work from home, with many finding themselves not only in a dramatically different working environment, but also realizing what it means to work from home, dealing with life as it goes on around you, and dealing with the stress that comes with it all. There are all kinds of obstacles and distractions that are suddenly things that you probably didn't have to deal with at the office, such as kids, pets, and even spouses. Also, while some are lucky enough to have a separate space to park themselves and do their work, others must make do at kitchen tables, counters, and even in bedrooms, which can prove taxing to everyone when sharing the needs of the family and a worker simultaneously.   

In this town hall-style webinar, WFH veterans and rookies come together to talk about their challenges and solutions. This will not be a deep technical webinar, and pitching product is strictly forbidden. It’s an open discussion, intended to help you and your family overcome the obstacles and stress you may be facing in this new working scenario.

We’ll start with an overview of the key challenges that just about every remote worker faces, with useful tips and insights from our WFH veterans:

• WFH 101: Establish your work space and your work time. Do’s and don’ts of work from home.
• Create a plan to stay focused: Daily planning, finding the right times to work, dealing with distractions and interruptions.
• Finding Balance: Give yourself a break! It’s easy to lose track of time, not eat, overwork and be too hard on yourself.
• You’re in this Together: Navigating the home, kids and family to make it all work. 

Raise your hand, ask a question. If you’re a veteran, share advice. If you’re a rookie, don't be shy, the community is here to help. This webinar is about and for you.

The Veterans:

Mike Nelson, CTA
Steve Greenberg CTP Fellow
Martin Zugec, Citrix
Mike Nelson
 CTA, CUGC Content Working Group
Steve Greenberg
 CTP Fellow
Martin Zugec

The Rookies:

Stephanie Boozer, CUGC HQ
Amy Rosenfeld, Verbatim
Stephanie Boozer
Amy Rosenfeld

Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all attendees.

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