Connect Webinar: Mastering your Linux Citrix Workspace App with Ease


Mastering your Linux Citrix Workspace App with Ease

Wednesday, December 8
12:00 - 1:00 PM ET
(9:00 - 10:00AM PT)

Abstract: Citrix has been working hard towards feature parity between the Windows and Linux versions of their Workspace App, which has led Linux Workspace App to a tangible endpoint alternative for an increasing number of Citrix customers, big and small. But configuring Citrix Workspace App to do exactly what you want is often tied to editing parameters in various text and xml files, something that might be fairly uncomfortable to people used to managing Windows endpoints. If you get it right on one endpoint, how do you ensure consistency across hundreds to thousands of endpoints? Not to mention, how do you manage the Linux OS itself?

A thin client solution could be an easy answer, but that usually comes with lack of flexibility, mobility and long waiting times to get to the latest versions of Citrix Workspace App. This is where Stratodesk's approach is different – a hardware agnostic software-only solution with Day One Support for the latest Citrix Workspace App version, allowing you to manage both the Workspace App and the underlying Linux OS with ease!
Join the webinar to learn about Linux Citrix Workspace App configuration options and how you can Master them without hassle with Stratodesk NoTouch OS.

Session will include time for live Q&A.

 Mikael Lindholm, Stratodesk
 Chris Jeucken
Mikael Lindholm
Senior Solutions Engineer
Chris Jeucken
Q&A Moderator



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Presented by CUGC and Stratodesk, this webinar is free for all members.