User Share: Windows Build Automation w/Packer, PowerShell 2022 Redux

Windows Build Automation w/Packer, PowerShell 2022 Redux

Held Wednesday, February 2

Watch the recording here.

Abstract: Re-visiting Packer to fully automate Windows 10 / Server 2022. This talk will cover how you can use Packer + PowerShell to cover the following golden image tasks:

  1. Creation of EFI VMware shells
  2. Mounting ISO to install Windows 10 / Server 2022
  3. Automation of VMware tools installation
  4. Base profile optimization on first logon
  5. Downloading / importing additional scripts/tools from github
  6. Patching windows via scheduled tasks and displaying custom status messages via ServiceUI.exe
  7. And finally, application deployment for your patched golden image via PowerShell application deployment toolkit + evergreen + nevergreen w CTA Jonathan Pitre

Session will include live Q&A.

Owen Reynolds
Jonathan Pitre
Owen Reynolds
Jonathan Pitre


Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all members.