Connect Webinar: Risk or Reward? Choosing your App Delivery Strategies


Risk or Reward? Choosing your Application Delivery Strategies

Thursday, January 13
1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

Abstract: What’s the cost of deploying a failed application?

How can you avoid risk and still keep up with constant change in your unique operating environments?

You can automate and scale testing across multiple application formats, multiple workspaces, multiple endpoints, and multiple operating environments: do you test application permutations against weekly OS updates and security patches? Before you deploy VDI or cloud workspaces, can you predict application behavior?

Despite vulnerability exploits that happen every day and ever-changing requirements for VDI and cloud workspaces, many enterprises choose the risk of manual testing. Startlingly, others aren’t even testing at all. Further, some organizations are not even deploying OS updates or patches simply because of the risk of application failure. In your complex environment, it’s essential to know the impact of change.

Join Rimo3 CTO Samit Halvadia for this webinar where he will discuss how to scale and automate testing of Windows application formats against your delivery methodologies. Obtain the data that you need to ensure that you can successfully deliver applications the way you want across physical, virtual, and cloud-based workspaces. Reward yourself with less operational risk and more confidence.

Session includes demo and moderated Q&A.

Samit Halvadia
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Samit Halvadia
Steve Noel
Q&A Moderator



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