Using Citrix DaaS for Business Continuity with Ana Ruiz

Using Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) for Business Continuity

Wednesday, September 15

Abstract: A global pandemic forced everyone overnight to close their physical offices and work remotely. As things are slowly to go back to normal, companies are carefully changing and adapting their strategies so that they can be more prepared. Companies who had adopted the notion of flexible work and already had the infrastructure in place were able to adapt to a full remote workforce quicker. One of the ways that they were able to achieve this was through desktop as a service (DaaS) because they had the flexibility and ability to scale up and down quickly and efficiently.

In this session, we are going to learn what is DaaS and how it can be used as a business continuity solution. We will talk about having a hybrid environment for customers who still need to keep on-premises resources.

Presentation will include time for live Q&A.


Ana Ruiz, Citrix

Ana Ruiz
Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix
Host of the Click-Down podcast
@mobileruiz  Ι  The Click-Down Podcast

Ana is a Technical Marketing Architect specializing in Citrix Workspace. She loves creating content that enables customers to understand the best practices and functionalities of Citrix solutions. She currently manages and hosts Citrix's official technical podcast, The Click-Down, and the quarterly technical event, Tech Zone Live. Ana started at Citrix 7 years ago as a college graduate in the leadership development program. She has held various roles prior to joining the technical marketing team during her career at Citrix including inside sales engineer, mobility sales engineer, and virtualization senior sales engineer for enterprise accounts. Ana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami and is certified in all Citrix technologies.

Presented by CUGC and Citrix, this webinar is free for all attendees.