User Share: Pretty Much Good Friends?! WhatsApp, Contacts, Data Privacy & Citrix Endpoint Mgmt.

User Share: Pretty Much Good Friends?! WhatsApp, Business Contacts, Data Privacy & Citrix Endpoint Management

Wednesday, June 5
2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

: The GDPR is around for quite a while, but in addition, the fines are also in place now. Nobody wants to be the first to get penalized. In a rush of panic, lots of companies have banned WhatsApp from their business-enabled SmartPhones practically overnight or they are researching better ways to a compliant handling methodology, knowing and realizing a bunch of popular and mostly US-driven services and app ecosystems don't care about our most elementary requirements around privacy and confidentiality. After all, does there even exist a technically matured and reliable solution that combines and respects the European needs or do we have to restart from scratch? This session demonstrates (from a daily usage perspective and practical experience) a valid path to actually allow a combined business and personal SmartPhone usage scenario in conformity with the EU law that does not fool the users' expectations. It showcases if and how (Citrix) mobility management software has grown up and what "taken-for-grantedness" features finally have to die.


ThorstenRood.jpgThorsten Rood

Thorsten is an IT veteran with 2 decades+ enterprise experience, awarded CTP and certified as MCSE, CCE and more, and he is a technologist with true passion for bits and bytes in real world challenges. His business role as CTO with braincon GmbH targets hybrid application delivery infrastructures and he has a good sense for deploying non-standard customized solutions. He is focussed on cloud app networking, mobility and security architectures. For many years now, he's also a frequent speaker at Synergy, TEX, User Groups and more, legendary known for deep-dive level 400+ sessions.

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