Connect Webinar: Ask Me Anything with IGEL, Liquidware and Nutanix

IGEL, Liquidware & Nutanix

Ask Me Anything: IGEL, Liquidware & Nutanix

Wednesday, May 20
1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

You don't want to miss this Ask Me Anything session with experts from IGEL, Liquidware and Nutanix. These pros have agreed to a free-form session with the community to help you solve problems, plan for what’s next, and get better at what you do. Bring your questions about business continuity, migrations, remote workforce security, or literally anything else these guys specialize in. The floor is yours!


Doug Brown, IGEL
Mike Barmonde, IGEL
Jason E. Smith, Liquidware
Jack Smith, Liquidware
Jarian Gibson, Nutanix
Doug Brown
VP of Community
Mike Barmonde
Amazon Bus. Dev. Manager
Jason E. Smith
VP Products & Solutions
Jack Smith
Sales Engineer

Jarian Gibson
 Sr. Solutions Architect


Shane Kleinert, CTP

Shane Kleinert
S. Florida CUGC Leader & CTP

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Presented by CUGC in partnership with IGEL, Liquidware and Nutanix, this webinar is free for all members.