User Share: Windows 10 Based VDI with XenDesktop – Key Takeaways from the Field

Windows 10 Based VDI with XenDesktop – Key Takeaways from the Field

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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What: Windows 10 as a modern operating system, with its Windows as a service (WaaS) concept, needs another approach for dealing with maintenance and upgrade tasks, as well as why VDI can act as an enabler for Windows 10 deployments in many organizations. René and Sacha have been running virtual desktops on Windows 10 since the early adopter phase, and were able to find out some important “Do’s and Dont’s" you don't want to miss. Join this webinar to find out:

  • Why it's really important to be on modern up-to-date hardware;
  • Why classic roaming profiles are not suitable anymore for Windows 10, and;
  • How UPM, combined with WEM and other 3rd party tools, can help you create a superior experience for end users.

You'll also see the pros and cons of the different deployment approaches with classic server hardware and pooled desktops with PVS, with hyper-converged infrastructure and MCS, as well as classic installed, dedicated virtual desktops.


Sacha Thomet 
CUGC Steering Committee, Swiss CUGC Leader, CTP

René Bigler
Swiss CUGC Leader, CTA

Presentation will include live Q&A.

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