User Share: Best Practices for Sustainable Citrix Implementations

Best Practices for Sustainable Citrix Implementations

Tuesday, May 18

This is a common scenario: you are the trusted expert for an implementation as an SME, but don't fully hand off to other people on your team so they can continue to support your implementation when you're gone (or on vacation). Sound familiar?

Join Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) Owen Reynolds as he walks through some best practices for successful and sustainable Citrix implementations that have you covered when you're away, whether it's moving on to another position or just on vacation.

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Owen Reynolds, CTA
Leee Jeffries, CTP
Owen Reynolds
Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA)
Leee Jeffries
Q&A Moderator


Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all attendees. ​
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