CUGC User Share: Citrix Logon Time Masterclass with CTP James Rankin

Citrix Logon Time Masterclass

Thursday, March 5

Session: Logon times are still a major barometer in any environment. You can have the fastest in-session performance in the world, bar none – but hold users up with a logon that makes them wait long enough to make a cup of coffee, and you're in trouble. Logon is the first interaction any user has with your solution – make it bad, and you will tar your solution with a bad name forever.

In the Citrix world, they're even more important. We are dealing with complicated, layered infrastructure that has to prove itself capable against logon times from physical laptops and desktops. And there's no quarter given – if your logon is bad, your Citrix solution is bad. That's just how it is.

So, how do we make logons great? In this session, James Rankin will draw on his years of Citrix experience to narrow down the biggest causes of logon slowness and show you how to take steps to eradicate them. You can learn about logon components, acceleration tricks, profile handling, infrastructure configuration and hopefully everything you need to know to shave a chunk of time from your user's logons and make them more productive from the very moment you leave the webinar.


James Rankin CTPJames Rankin, CTP

James Rankin is an independent EUC consultant with 24 years experience and a current CTP. Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter @james____rankin or look him up via


Jake Walsh, CTP

Jake Walsh, CTA


Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all attendees.

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