User Share: Remote Graphic Workloads and Clients (2020 Edition)

Remote Graphic Workloads and Clients (2020 Edition)

Thursday, November 12
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

As we add advanced GPUs to our virtual desktop environments, delivering the best user experience requires tweaking of remote display protocol settings like quality, compression, and chroma subsampling, not to mention vendor-specific settings. But what about the different clients?

In this intermediate-level session, Rody Kossen and Patrick van den Born will show you the difference in user experience between clients and workloads. You’ll learn:

• The most common endpoints and remote display protocols
• Why the choice of client is dependent on the type of workload you run
• Which display protocol settings can be used on which endpoints

For the 2020 edition, we’ve updated the session with the latest Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon and Xi Frame protocols. You can also expect details about Windows Virtual Desktop and clients.

(We will also have a YouTube playlist link. We will send that to you day before the presentation, since the movies are not clear through Teams/GoToWebinar/etc. and YouTube will give you the best experience.)

Presentation will include live Q&A.

Rody Kossen, CTP
Patrick van den Born, CTA
Ryan Gallier, CTA
Rody Kossen

Patrick van den Born


Ryan Gallier

Q&A Moderator

Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all members.