CUGC Geek Speak – Automation

CUGC Geek Speak

CUGC Geek Speak: Automation

Ask questions & get tips from the CUGC Geek Speak Panel!

Thursday, April 22
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Automation is the next topic for our panel of Geeks to tackle! Bring your questions about anything and everything automation and test our geeks' knowledge! Get tips and advice for a project you're working on, or get some inspiration to learn something new.

Submit your questions at registration or email them direction to with "Geek Speak: Automation" in the subject line.


Esther Barthel
Joe Shonk, CTP
Patrick van den Born, CTP
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk, CTP
Esther Barthel
Joe Shonk
Patrick van den Born
Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Esther Barthel is a passionate technology professional, and especially loves to design new VDI infrastructures based on the Citrix product portfolio, and automate the implementation and administration tasks with PowerShell scripts. Esther is also a CTP and very active in the CUGC community as member of the Content Working Group and a founding member of the CUGC Women In Technology mentoring program.

Joe Shonk is a veteran consultant in virtualization and server based computing. By day he works on advanced system deployments and at night can be found roaming the forums and on his blog. Joe has presented at numerous venues and conferences such as BriForum and Citrix's GeekSpeak, as well as at many CUGC local meetings and events.

Patrick van den Born is an automation geek who tries to automate everything in life. Besides automating his toilet at home, he has a passion for automating: Citrix Master Image Creation, Identity management and orchestration, Infrastructure-as-Code and everything-as-Code. At the moment he's working on a Citrix Cloud on Azure automation project using tools like Azure DevOps, Pipelines, Git, Terraform, Packer, and PowerShell. This project gives him the opportunity to transfer his experience from a traditional project approach to an AGILE/SCRUM approach.

Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk
is involved in various DevOps projects including a large financial organization in the Netherlands. Some of the topics Ryan is working on include: Repository structure, branching strategy, pull request strategy, dynamic pipelines, code-based documentation, continuous deployment/releases and code quality.

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CUGC Geek Speak is a new panel discussion series designed to encourage interactive discussions between community members and Citrix experts. Look for more series installments throughout 2021! 

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