User Share: Calling all APIs! Scripting Comes to Microapps!

Calling All APIs! Scripting Comes to Microapps!

Tuesday, May 4

Microapps are great – they allow us to package up ‘slices’ of functionality and deliver them to end users via Citrix Workspace’s intelligent feed. Rather than hunting through multiple browser tabs of SaaS apps to check for updates and perform actions, the user can quickly access frequently used features from a single user interface. Custom HTTP integrations allow microapps to interact with any well-behaved REST API. But what about badly-behaved REST APIs? And APIs that are not RESTful at all? Scripting to the rescue!


The new microapps scripting feature will allow you to call almost any remote API, transform its response via JavaScript, and store the result in the microapps data cache. JSON? No problem! XML? The xml2js module makes it easy! Binary data? Roll up your sleeves and get busy with typed arrays!


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to get started with microapps scripting. Join Pat Patterson, Citrix Director of Developer Evangelism, and discover the basics of configuring a scripted integration, calling an API from JavaScript, and saving data in the microapps cache. You’ll see how to synchronize the cache with a system of record (SoR) and implement a service action, updating the SoR. Expect hands-on coding and configuration rather than death by PowerPoint!


Pat Patterson
Alex Zaal, A2K Partners
Cassio Helden, A2K Partners
Carl Webster
Pat Patterson
Director of Developer Evangelism
Alex Zaal
Founder & CTO
A2K Partners

Cassio Helden
Principal Architect
A2K Partners

Carl Webster
CTP Fellow

Q&A Moderator

Pat Patterson
has been working with Internet technologies since 1997, building software and communities at Sun Microsystems, Salesforce, StreamSets, and now Citrix. At Sun, Pat was the community lead for the OpenSSO open source project. As a developer evangelist at Salesforce, Pat focused on identity, integration and the Internet of Things, with a switch to big data and data integration in his role of director of evangelism at StreamSets. Now Developer Architect Evangelist at Citrix, Pat is leading developer engagement through the transition from on-premises products to cloud services. When he isn't speaking at conferences, writing technical content or hanging out on Slack, Pat likes to run far, having completed several ultramarathons.

Alex Zaal is founder and CTO of A2K Partners, working to make the future of work possible through digital transformation, workflow automation, and employee engagement. In his role as CTO, Alex has been heavily involved with Citrix Workspace microapps since their first availability, and presented on cross-functional microapp solutions at last November’s Citrix Converge conference.

Cassio Helden is A2K Partners’ principal architect in the Citrix Microapps practice. Cassio has been actively driving the A2K development teams to create microapps for systems of record such as SAP S4/Hana, BambooHR, Oracle ERP and many others.  He is tasked with keeping up with all of the changes that Citrix continues to implement to enhance Citrix Workspace.

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Presented by CUGC, this webinar is free for all attendees. ​
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