Connect: Citrix Virtual Apps with NVIDIA vGPU – System Impacts


Citrix Virtual Apps with NVIDIA vGPU – System Impacts

Tuesday, December 10
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

: During this session, attendees will learn about the impacts of the NVIDIA vGPU Technology in an Citrix Virtual Apps environment. There are many sessions / information where you can see how important it is to add a (v)GPU to a Virtual Desktop. Unfortunately, this information mainly refers to Citrix Virtual Desktops and not Citrix Virtual Apps. So let’s have a look what happens when you add a (v)GPU to a Virtual Apps environment. What happens to the system load and how much load is generated on the GPU? Why does this have an influence on the user experience and what are things you need to consider during the configuration? Moreover you learn why you especially need to have a look at the Framebuffer of the GPU.


Jan Hendrik Meier

Jan Hendrik Meier
Senior Systems Engineer, Citrix
Citrix Technology Advocate

Jan Hendrik Meier is an Expert for Infrastructure- and Virtualisation-Solutions with a focus on SBC/VDI environments. He has a background of more than 15 years experiences with Microsoft- and Citrix-Products. Thus he has an excellent stock of knowledge in this area and combines this with a deep understanding of the technical connections. In the last years he published several books and articles about Citrix Virtual Apps / Desktops and NVIDIA (v)GPU. He is member of the Citrix Technology Award and NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor programs. Follow him on Twitter (@jhmeier) or watch his blog (

Ronald Grass

Ronald Grass
Senior Sales Engineer, Citrix

Ronald Grass is a Sr. Sales Engineer at Citrix Systems GmbH Germany. In his role he supports customers and Citrix Partners (CSAs) with his knowledge in Desktop and Application Virtualization during presales engagements and PoCs. After 7 years of Citrix consulting for different CSAs he started his career at Citrix Systems in 2008. As a "Subject Matter Expert" for High Definition User Experience (HDX™) he focused on all aspects of delivery of graphic intensive workloads like CAD/CAM, PACS/DICOM, GIS, product visualization, etc with the help of GPU passthrough and graphics virtualization technologies like NVIDIA GRID, AMD MxGPU and Intel GVT-g/d. Ronald is member of the Nvidia GRID Community Advisor program where he constantly gives feedback from real world PoCs and implementations to NVIDIA (NVIDIA GRID) and Citrix (HDX-3D Pro) product management/development to increase product quality and addressing customer needs.


Presented by Citrix and CUGC, this webinar is free for all members.