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2020 CUGC Women in Technology Sponsors

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CUGC proudly welcomes CohesityControlUp, eG InnovationsFSLogix, and Nutanix as 2019 sponsors of its Women in Technology Mentoring Program!

Created in 2017 by three CUGC leaders and Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs), the CUGC Women in Technology Mentoring Program strives to elevate women in both technical expertise and professional confidence, pairing mentees with mentors in a 1:1 ratio. The initial program was so successful, that it doubled in size in 2018, and interest continues to grow.

By stepping up to support the program, these sponsors will help expand program offerings to include more targeted technical training (including demos and evaluation licenses), as well as resources for further professional development and networking. This is an exciting boost for the initiative, paving the way for future growth.

  From a CUGC perspective, we also wanted to play a more active role in helping women to become more visible in the STEM field or even join the CTA and CTP programs.  

– Esther Barthel, CTP, CUGC Women in Tech Team Lead, Solutions Architect, cognition IT

  Being a mentee in the CUGC Women in Technology Mentorship Program has really given me a positive push.  

– Kari Ludvigsen, 2017 Mentee

  There have been so many positive experiences for me in such a short time. I now also spend time teaming with other female Citrix admins to share the advice that my mentor has taught me. Good advice should always be shared, and mentoring can be infectious.  

– Rene Reighard, 2017 Mentee & 2018 Mentor