2020 Stephanie Roper Community Award

2020 Stephanie Roper Community Award

Congratulations to Esther Barthel, 2020 Winner!

2020 was a challenging year for community, which made it all the more important to keep that sense of "community" strong through virtual avenues. Though CUGC members couldn't gather in-person at XL events, local meetings, or even Citrix Synergy, the community pulled together through virtual happy hours, meetings and more.

CTP and CUGC Women In Tech founding member Esther Barthel was involved all over the globe, sharing knowledge through virtual sessions, moderating webinars, coordinating the Women In Tech mentoring efforts. She's also a regular member of the CUGC Content Working Group, helping to drive CUGC's content strategy to best serve our wide range of members. A self-proclaimed "IT geek," Esther is well-known for her impressive tech skills, her insatiable drive to learn more, and most importantly, her willingness to share all that she's learned.

Thus, we were thrilled to announce Esther as the winner of the 2020 Stephanie Roper Community Award.

The responses to our announcement tweet show just how much the community values and admires her. Congratulations Esther!