XL Awards 2020

2020 XL Shoutouts

With the rapid shift from in-person to virtual, all of our XL teams rose to the occasion and thought outside the box to create successful, compelling events. With that, they ALL deserve a CUGCY this year! Each of these events took months of planning to pull together and it would not have been possible without all of our dedicated leaders, SEs and speakers. While we look forward to the time we can see everyone in person again, we are thankful we are able to bring the virtual XLs to the entire myCUGC community. Upcoming XLs: https://www.mycugc.org/xl

This year, we would like to give a special shoutout to all of our leaders who also served as XL Emcees. They all went the extra mile giving energy to the event and helping to keep things moving smoothly. We would also like to give a shoutout to all the SEs who attended planning calls and promoted XLs and local group meetings throughout the year.

XL Emcees

Bob Bair, Triad CUGC
Josh Bernstein, Los Angeles CUGC
Patrick Coble, Nashville CUGC
Benjamin Crill, Northern Indiana CUGC
Dan Costello, San Diego CUGC
Dwayne Dunivan, Indianapolis CUGC
Jason Helms, Kansas City CUGC
James Ma, New York Metro CUGC
Timothy Mangan, Boston CUGC
Tiffany Renrick, Columbia CUGC
Kelley Rice, Portland CUGC
Michael Sisneros, Twin Cities CUGC
Andrew Taylor, Vancouver CUGC
Greg Tiber, Madison CUGC
Jason Willis, Austin CUGC

SE Shoutouts!

Aseel Alshehab
Julian Badell
Blake Chandler
Dorsan Delisle
Paul Dzierwinski
Josh Espinoza
Wendy Gay
Amy Goldstein
Norm Erlendson 
Terry Hashley
Brain Jacobs
Roman Kapitan
Charlie Lopez
Tony Matos
Jason McOnie
Geremy Meyers
Curtis Newman
Rob Ortlieb
Joel Piper
Aleksandar Radic 
Kevin Scott 
Jerry Shea
Erick Stein
Tony Scotti
Adam Shattuck
Todd Smith
Jason Williams
Fritz Voelker