Top Tweets 2020

2020 Tweets of the Year

2020 was a year experienced virtually, and our Twitter feed was full of WFH setups, virtual event pics and wistful wishes of in-person gatherings to come. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the year.

Best Lockdown Virtual Meeting Pick-Me-Up

Swiss CUGC

Early in the spring of 2020, the Swiss CUGC group had to quickly adapt to a virtual meeting. The group leaders quickly mobilized and mailed out gift cards to their members (check out the CUGC custom postage stamp too!).

Coolest Virtual XL Setup

Jon Bucud

CTA & San Diego leader Jon Bucud tweeted several great pictures of his virtual XL setups, but this image from our Great Plains event was our favorite!

Best "Sign of the Times" Tweet

Arnaud Pain

Nothing says 2020 like a custom face mask. And while we had a few of our own official CUGC masks made, Tampa CUGC leader & CTP Arnaud Pain's daughter decided to make one of her own. We were so impressed with the effort!

Best In-Person Meeting Tweet

Jon Bucud

Remember our in-person meetings? They were so fun! Like this tweet from CTA & San Diego leader Jon Bucud, who crashed the Los Angeles CUGC meeting way back in February 2020. Can't wait to do it again someday!

Awesomest In-Person Meeting (And Cake Too!)

Boston CUGC

Boston CUGC celebrated the 600th CUGC meeting with a curling lesson and a REALLY awesome cake. We thought we had seen it all when Nashville CUGC wowed everyone with their banjo cake but a curling cake? Are you kidding? Very cool, Boston!

Best In-Person XL Tweet

Jason Samuel

Our only in-person XL event of 2020 was in the great state of Texas, at Space Center Houston. CTP & Houston CUGC leader Jason Samuel did a stellar job capturing the spirit of the day.