2019 Stephanie Roper Community Award


CUGCY Awards Stephanie Roper Community Award

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2019 Stephanie Roper Community Award

We're excited to announce Patrick Coble, Nashville CUGC Leader and CTP, as the winner of this year's Stephanie Roper Community Award. Patrick was everywhere in 2019, traveling around the country and the world to speak at CUGC meetings and XL events, while continuing to co-lead the Nashville group and regularly contribute online through blogs and webinars. Thank you, Patrick, for giving the community so much of your time and expertise!


Check out the video below to watch Patrick virtually accept his award!

About the Award

If you were lucky enough to know Stephanie, you know what this award is all about - community, helping, sharing and making the world a happier place.


Sadly, we lost Stephanie in 2019. Her passing was a shock to all of us. One of CUGC’s most vocal cheerleaders, Stephanie’s dedication, helpfulness, talent, big smile and warm heart are greatly missed.

To honor her, we created The Stephanie Roper Community Award to highlight one member of CUGC each year for the work they do helping others in the Citrix Community. Nominees are submitted by the community, and the winner is selected by the CUGC Steering Committee.