2019 Tweets of the Year


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2019 Tweets of the Year

We're social creatures, so we can't help but recognize these standout interactions on social media.

Best Milestone Cake (EVER): Nashville CUGC

Nashville CUGC takes the cake for THE best CUGC milestone celebration cake we’ve seen to date! Maple bacon cake? Shaped like a banjo? Consider the bar raised!

Coolest CUGC Swag: Roy T

Citrix SE Roy Tokeshi went above and beyond for our SoCal XL event with handmade, custom swag!

Best Shirt Tweet - Jim Moyle, WIT shirt @ Synergy

UK CUGC leader & CTP Jim Moyle attracted more attention than he anticipated (and started quite a trend) when he donned last year’s CUGC Women In Technology t-shirt at Citrix Synergy. Thanks Jim for championing the cause!