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CUGCY Awards Stephanie Roper Community Award

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2019 Content Contributors of the Year

Blogs, forums, files, webinars and more. It's great content that makes myCUGC.org the go-to place for Citrix professionals around the world. Here are our most prolific contributors and your CUGCY content winners for 2019:



Top Forum Poster: Josh Hester

Our forums are the place to get your questions answered, get advice from peers, and stay up to date on events in your local group. Last year, Josh Hester was busy in the forums, asking questions and engaging with fellow members. Congratulations, Josh!


Top Bloggers: Tobias Kreidl & Brandon Mitchell

2019 brought a lot of fresh faces and names to the CUGC blogs, but there are two names that popped up the most: Cincinnati CUGC leader Brandon Mitchell and former Steering Committee President & CTP Alum Tobias Kreidl. Thanks to you both for keeping the blogs fresh with technical contributions and CUGC event recaps!


Top User Share Webinar: “The Big, Bad, Beautiful World of Azure,” presented by Mike Nelson

CTA Mike Nelson wins the CUGCY for his presentation on Microsoft Azure, which took a broad look at Azure cloud from its inception to its possible future. With the highest registration of all of 2019’s User Share webinars, this session also had some thought-provoking live Q&A. Congratulations, Mike!


Top Webinar Moderators: Esther Barthel, Tobias Kreidl & Jake Walsh

Our webinar moderators graciously volunteer their time to help keep our Connect webinars running smoothly. They keep track of the questions coming in from attendees and help keep discussions technical. This year, we had a three-way tie between CTP alum Tobias Kreidl, CTP Esther Barthel, and CTA Jake Walsh. Thanks to you all for your time!


Top Member Presenter: Jarian Gibson

Our User Share webinars, local meetings and XL events wouldn’t be as awesome as they are without so many amazing community members stepping up to speak and present. 2019 was a busy year all the way around, and Jarian Gibson was a familiar face at our XL events and local meetings (and that was outside of leading the Kansas City CUGC!). Thank you, Jarian!


Top Citrix Presenter: Ron Oglesby 

We’re so thankful to our Citrix presenters for their numerous hours of travel and speaking at local events, XL meetings and webinars. Last year, Ron Oglesby made the rounds to many a XL and local meeting, spreading the word about Citrix Analytics Service. Thanks Ron, for being one of our road warriors!