2018 Tweets of the Year


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2018 Tweets of the Year

We're social creatures, so we can't help but recognize these standout interactions on social media.

When a member comes to a local meeting with a problem in his Citrix environment and gets an immediate solution, everybody wins! We had to shine a little light on this example CUGC magic!

Our local groups definitely like to have their fun, but axe-throwing is a cut above the rest! (See what we did there?)

A CUGC jack-o-lantern is definitely a first! Kudos to Katie for her expert pumpkin-carving skills.

Clear proof that our blue leader shirts really do go with just about everything! Thanks to Chicago leaders Nick Prignano and Chris Bohner for clowning around in the name of CUGC!

After winning last year’s t-shirt design contest, Nashville leader Patrick Coble commemorated his Xbox prize with a custom CUGC skin. Now that’s impressive!