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2018 Content Contributors of the Year

Blogs, forums, files, webinars and more. It's great content that makes myCUGC.org the go-to place for Citrix professionals around the world. Here are our most prolific contributors and your CUGCY content winners for 2018:



Top Forum Poster: Christopher Schrameyer

Our forums are the place to get your questions answered, get advice from peers, and stay up to date on events in your local group. For the second year in a row, Christopher Schrameyer could be found throughout the forums, answering questions and pointing out helpful resources. Thanks for keeping a sharp eye out, Chris!


Top Blogger: Marco Hofmann

We saw a lot of new faces in the Expert Insights and Community Roundtable blogs throughout 2018, with a lot of great technical posts on a wide range of topics. Marco Hofmann contributed the most overall. His contributions included a How-To on updating Citrix WEM from 4.x to 4.7, an interesting discovery in Citrix Studio, and extensive documentation of his first time with Citrix Machine Creation Services, among others. Keep up the good work, Marco!


Top User Share Webinar: "The Future of Applications & Deployments" presented by Timothy Mangan

2018 brought a lot of exceptional member content, including some outstanding webinars. However, Boston CUGC leader and CTP Timothy Mangan wins the CUGCY for his presentation on Microsoft’s changes to the way software vendors deliver Windows applications, and how those changes affect customization and delivery. In addition to high registration and attendance, this presentation also stood out for its great Q&A session and direct attendee feedback. Congrats, Tim!


Top Webinar Moderator: DJ Eshelman 

We rely on our webinar moderators to help keep our Connect webinars running smoothly by watching the questions coming in from the attendees and helping to keep the discussions technical and on-track. We’re so lucky to have so many great community members step up and take on the role, but last year, DJ Eshelman racked up the most sessions. Thank you, DJ, for giving us your time!


Top Member Presenter: Patrick Coble

Our User Share webinars, local meetings and XL events wouldn’t be as awesome as they are without so many amazing community members stepping up to speak and present. 2018 saw more opportunities than ever before, and Patrick Coble rose to the challenge! (He was here, he was there, he was everywhere!) Thank you, Patrick, for being willing to travel and present on behalf of CUGC!


Top Citrix Presenters: Daniel Feller & Martin Zugec

We would be deeply remiss if we didn’t also give major shout-outs to our Citrix presenters for their numerous hours of travel and speaking at local events, XL meetings and webinars. Daniel Feller and Martin Zugec criss-crossed the country and hit our webinar stage throughout 2018, and their excitement never flagged. Thanks guys for a great year!