Introducing Our Newest Steering Committee Member – Jon Bucud

By Tobias Kreidl posted 01-17-2019 12:28 PM



I hope everyone is enjoying a good start to the New Year 2019! Now that the holiday dust has settled, I’d like to welcome the newest addition to our Steering Committee, Jon Bucud. 

Jon is a Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) and is one of our San Diego local group leaders. He has been an avid supporter of CUGC at in-person events and online, and is always a vocal champion of CUGC on social media. He is also a home lab fan.

JB.jpgJon Bucud

Jon takes over the spot recently vacated by our former president, Lee Winbush.

xqvgrglb.jpgLee Winbush

We can’t thank Lee enough for his thoughtful leadership and genuine enthusiasm, both of which helped shape CUGC during his time as president. He will be sorely missed.

As the current vice president, I will serve as acting president of the Steering Committee until the committee completes the election of officers, the results of which should be announced next month. Though we’re sad to see Lee go, we’re excited to have Jon join the team, and are looking forward to another great year at CUGC.



01-17-2019 09:44 PM

Great addition to the team. Congrats Jon.

01-17-2019 03:04 PM

Congrats Jon!!!