CUGC Turns 5!

By CUGC HQ posted 05-19-2020 03:56 PM


Can you believe CUGC is five years old

CUGC @ Citrix Synergy 2015CUGC debuts at Citrix Synergy 2015

CUGC started out with 2,400 members who signed up in JUST ONE DAY at Citrix Synergy 2015, and today we've grown to over 27,000 members with more than 80 local groups around the world! (Check out that first blog post here.)

From that impressive start, we hit the ground running, signing on local groups steadily and evolving our blogs and webinar program all under one overarching goal: to provide a marketing-free zone where Citrix techies could learn from and share with each other. As our membership and local groups grew in number, so did the need for more engaging online content and in-person events. We created CUGC XLs, day-long events packed with technical content from industry experts. Our blogs flourished with contributions from the CTP and CTA communities, as well as from our leaders and any member willing to share knowledge and help the community at large. The CUGC Women In Technology program sprouted and gave root to a rewarding mentorship program. You–our members, leaders and sponsors–came up with more and more ways to connect and engage with each other.

5-Year Leaders MasksA few of our "5-Year Veteran" leaders donning masks for a CUGC COVID-19 birthday salute!

And even with a global pandemic hampering our ability to gather in person, our community has embraced virtual gatherings and happy hours, demonstrating that "community" embodies many forms. We're sad not to gather in-person at Synergy 2020 or at the rest of the XL events we had scheduled for this year. But we're incredibly encouraged and proud of how committed our members are to staying connected virtually, despite current difficulties. 

Looking back over the last five years of growth, all we can say is THANK YOU to our members, leaders and sponsors. Thank you for showing up to meetings, spreading the word to friends and colleagues, giving presentations, blogging, and for simply being part of this great community. Without you, none of this would be possible. 

2020 Steering Committee 5th Birthday

Birthday wishes from the 2020 Steering Committee.

🥂 Here's to another five years! 🎂