CUGC Women in Technology – A Mentee's Perspective

By Rene Reighard posted 03-22-2017 11:51 AM


First, I would like to thank the female CTPs for their innovative idea to start the Women in Technology Mentorship Program. There have been several positive experiences for me in such a short time. I now also spend time teaming with another female Citrix admins to share the advice that Jo Harder, my mentor, has taught me. Good advice should always be shared, and mentoring can be infectious. It is fitting to post this thank you during the month that International Women’s Day is recognized. It has been encouraging to see large organizations over the last few years, like Citrix, participate and support diverse initiatives.

Jo Harder and I were able to get acquainted over emails during the last six months. Jo is full of positive energy and creative ideas. She has been a pick-me-up during an ugly winter in the Northwest to refocus on my professional goals. Her expertise in writing and our common technology background makes for an easy conversation, which is rare in my world of information technology. Her time has been much appreciated!

In addition to Jo’s infinite wisdom, the CUGC Women in Technology Mentorship Program has also been able to offer benefits to events and memberships. A membership to has given me a variety of courses in multiple disciplines right at my fingertips. The range of courses is vast, varying from Professional Development, IT Operations, and Creative Technical Design to Certifications. They even offer mentoring!

Thanks again to Jo Harder for her time, to the CTPs for their commitment to enriching a product to which I have professionally dedicated my career, to for their membership, and CUGC for bringing all of this together!


03-22-2017 06:30 PM

Shattering that Glass Ceiling

From one geeky gal to another ...

The Women in IT Special Interest Group has been led by Esther Barthel, and we can thank Theresa Miller for obtaining Pluralsight subscriptions for the mentees.

I'm thrilled that this mentorship has benefitted you in so many ways!  It truly has been a win/win for me as well because I too have become reinvigorated to learn and do more.  

As women in the male-dominated IT industry, we know that it's a bit more difficult to face challenges head-on and succeed.  Women are sometimes their own hindrance, but by helping one another, we make each other strong.

Congratulations in shattering your glass ceiling!  No technology is too difficult, no work situation is too complex, no bar is too high.  Keep reaching!

Your friend,


03-22-2017 02:23 PM

You're welcome Rene and thank you!

Hi Rene!

First of all a big THANK YOU for sharing your experience with the CUGC Women in Tech Mentorship Program. I can speak on behalve of myself and the other CTP mentors in the program that we are having just as much fun and learning experiences as you are having and share through this blogpost.

I'm grateful that this program allows us to meet you and other 'hidden figures' in our community, learn from eachother's stories and cheer eachother on as we find our career paths to follow.

I'm looking forward to continuing the program and to hear more about your adventures as it sure sounds like you are another tech girl having fun :-)


Esther Barthel 
CTP | CUGC Women in Tech Mentorship Program Leader | Geek