How to Create Your Community Roundtable Blog Post

How to Create Your Post: Step-by-Step 

First-time posters:

Before you can post to Community Roundtable with the process below, you must email your idea or draft for review to with "Community Roundtable" in the subject line. Once accepted, you will be notified and will receive access to create your post using the following steps: 


1. To create a new blog or Article, click on the “+” sign on the left side of the Community Roundtable Blog main page.

. Use the formatting options on the toolbar of your article entry window to format your article text and add pictures. Images should be no more than 600 pixels on the longest side. You can adjust:

  • Font Type
  • Color
  • Size of the font
  • Spacing photos

3. Consider adding your bio information at the end of the post, along with your social info (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and a link to your personal blog. (See the guidelines for more on what links are acceptable.)

4. Create the title in the subject area. Keep in mind that shorter titles will look better on the main page.

5. In the teaser section, write a short, descriptive summary up to 300 words. This will appear on the Community Roundtable home page as well as on the home page when first released (see example below). The better your summary is, the more attention it's likely to receive!


. Select one or more classifications for your article (required). This helps readers know what type of blog you've written.

. Add tags to your article to help readers find it quickly when searching for a topic on Select all that apply. You can also create new tags if needed. 

. You can upload a main image for the article to be displayed as a thumbnail next to the article. You can also select “Show Image in Post” and the image will appear automatically at the top of the post. If you don’t upload an image here, your CUGC profile picture will display next to the post. Make sure your profile picture has been updated!

9. Click the "OK" button at the bottom when you've finished filling out all of the required fields.

10. Copy and save the URL created for your post so you can return to complete it or make edits before release. (You won't be able to find the article otherwise.) 

11. To submit your article, change the status to Queued by clicking the “Queued” button at the top of the post. If you do not click the "Queued" button, site admins won't know that your blog post is ready to go. It’s also a good idea to email to let us know the article is ready.

. Once queued, your article will be reviewed for compliance with CUGC Blogging Guidelines. Your blog will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Please allow us 3-5 business days to proofread and prepare the article for posting. We will correct minor spelling, formatting and typographical errors. Any other modifications will only be made if the article does not meet CUGC guidelines, and we will contact you to work through any proposed changes.

And it bears repeating once more: Remember, you must change the status of your article to "Queued" so the blog moderators are notified that you have completed your edits and the post is ready for publication.

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