Leader Pledge

Local Leader Pledge

Leader Pledge

As a Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) group leader, I pledge the following:

  1. To read and accept the CUGC Group Leader Guidelines
  2. To uphold the CUGC mission of education, knowledge sharing, networking and serving as the voice of users
  3. To never use my position for sales and marketing purposes or financial gain
  4. To protect the privacy of CUGC member information and to not share that information with any person or entity outside of CUGC staff
  5. To agree that CUGC will determine the geography and category of my group
  6. To accept no funds on behalf of CUGC and direct all partner, sponsor and other funds to the CUGC HQ office
  7. To agree that I have no authority to expend CUGC funds or obligate CUGC in any way
  8. To agree that should a dispute arise between the CUGC Steering Committee and myself, the decision of the CUGC Steering Committee shall prevail and be final

CUGC may revoke this agreement at will. The group leader may revoke this agreement at will.


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