About CUGC

About CUGC

We are the Citrix User Group Community

For the users, by the users, we are dedicated to helping our members and their businesses excel. Our members are technology professionals interested in maximizing the value of Citrix and partner products. Together we are a source of high-value content and knowledge sharing, an online and in-person hub for professional connections, and a voice of influence with Citrix.


We are dedicated to helping our members and their businesses excel through education, knowledge sharing, networking and influence.

What’s Next

Together we will continue to grow CUGC and its local groups, online community and opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and influence. Be part of it!


We offer a global network of users and experts sharing solutions and insights. We have created online communities and local groups so that you can connect with technology professionals and managers tackling the same challenges you face. We offer webinars, articles, forums and other exclusive content, as well as discounts on education and events.


Our Steering Committee includes seven volunteer users. Volunteer members lead our local groups and forums, and they contribute exclusive content to your webinars, blogs and forums. Volunteer members set the agenda at CUGC.


Our partnership with Citrix empowers CUGC. It provides us access to Citrix content, events, developers and executives. Citrix provides invaluable support and we collaborate on events, education and insights.